.   Jenny Chung  .  An Artist  .  A Designer  .  An Interior Architect  .  


Specialised in Pattern, Texture, Geometrical Art, Surface Layering and Colouration Design.

Jenny creates conceptual design from idea to a finish product. Her customised Design Services are oriented infused with story lines, illustrated graphics; patterns for businesses included fashion; interior, architectural, product. She specialised both in hand drawn & digital for fabric print production especially in SILK materials, work with various print manufacturers which based in UK, Italy, Korea and China. She also provides Design Business Consultation such as Branding, Styling and Architectural design services. With a Kent-based studio. More about Jen. 

She is also the Founder, the Designer for the independent silk scarf brand.

Arttique London. A luxurious Italian Lake Como made product. Arttique London Silk Scarves Styling.