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Our silk scarf are manufactured in famous Lake Como, Italy.  All scarves are now sold out. Some remaining stocks are stored in house. Any interest for scarves samples or any enquiries. Please contact us.


Chain Galaxy 

Four shimmering black diamonds sit within a colourful structure of solid chains, framing a view of a mysterious galaxy both vast yet beautiful.


Commuter Fish

Did you know that goldfish have no eyelids so are unable to close their eyes? That sounds tiring! This scarf depicts a collection of smartly-presented goldfish commuters busy scurrying around to get from A-to-B, politely acknowledging their fellow commuter as they pass by.


Greek Peony

Peonies embody romance and prosperity and are believed to bring good fortune. The word 'peony' is taken from ancient Greek and comes with a fascinating story involving two Greek gods, Asclepius and Zeus, and a student named Paeon who was turned into a peony flower in order to save him from his jealous teacher. 


Night Lotus

A symbol of beauty and purity to many, the Lotus flower brings a touch of class to the waters on which it floats. Wrapped around them are three chains of shining pearls, with Jacanas in attendance. 


Woodland Rabbit

The woods are not just full of nature, they're also a place where strange and magical things happen. When the people have left, and the sun goes down, who knows what you'll see there? From rabbits taking a ride on their penny-farthings, or doing a spot of flower-picking; to fairies buzzing around mysterious mushrooms ... there's lots to be discovered. 


The French Bulldog

Naturally mischievous and with a quirky sense of humour to boot, the French Bulldog is a superstar among the dog world and the loving companion of fashionistas everywhere. What they may lack in athleticism and 'skills' they make up for in abundance with personality. In this design our glamorous Frenchie is with his favourite things (his toys, and his snacks) and he's ready to cause mayhem! 


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