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Hello! Hope you enjoy our silk scarf styling! If you haven't yet. Please check out our Styling by many models, fashion bloggers and our customers. From 2018, Arttique London provide design services for the Trade.

"So our idea is, Yes Arttique London. We are searching for a bigger adventure. We love to work with different clients, buyers, suppliers. Therefore we make decision to focus to provide high quality design for any industry. We want to create more than Silk Scarves... perhaps anything related to Silk, any silk products. We love SILK, that's our specialist field. Of course we would like to design; develop anything on any materials as well. We love to design patterns for your products. Even we love to put our design in huge Silk Art installation. I had lots of crazy ideas haha. I hope you don't mind I just briefly explain here not in a formal way. I am a creative. Our services are flexible. Every client has different needs, we will try to match your requirement. I am excited to help you, your brand or our branded collections. I will create it for you. Please feel free to contact us."   Jenny Chung  :) 


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