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Our silk scarf are manufactured in famous Lake Como, Italy.  All scarves are now sold out. Some remaining stocks are stored in house. Any interest for scarves samples or any enquiries. Please contact us.


Woodland Rabbit Silk Scarves Collection

The woods are not just full of nature, they're also a place where strange and magical things happen. When the people have left, and the sun goes down, who knows what you'll see there? From rabbits taking a ride on their penny-farthings, or doing a spot of flower-picking; to fairies buzzing around mysterious mushrooms ... there's lots to be discovered.


Silk Neckerchief

Woodland Rabbit Silk Crepe De Chine Neckerchief

60cm x 60cm


Silk Square

Woodland Rabbit Silk Crepe De Chine Square

90cm x 90cm


Silk Shawl

Woodland Rabbit Silk Crepe De Chine Shawl

136cm x 136cm 


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