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Hello Dear Visitor! 

Just a little bit more about Jen...JENNY haha. Maybe you have a few mins to read? The following is the Q&As that Jenny always got it from people. Enjoy !


Why there are so many architectural elements & geometrical art in your design?  “My love of architecture has always influenced my work, I am drawn to architectural design because it has depth and structure. In my mind I visualised all the elements in 3D first even though they will be printed onto a 2D form. Also I graduated in interior & architecture studies.”

What is the one quality you feel best describes you?  "Obsessive, obsessive, obsessive about detail! I am a real perfectionist. I just enjoy my hobby - best job ever. Just feel and create."

If you could own any single piece of artwork what would it be & why?  "The Kiss by Gautav Klimt, I love the detail in his work, his use of pattern and symbolism, it is intensely emotive and passionate. I love his work also got architectural element in it."

What advise would you give someone starting out as a designer?  "Never give up! Be brave and take risks, accept that mistakes are a part of the process and don’t be afraid to try again. Especially for startups, we handle 10 people's job to be self-employed. I believe we need the flexibility from rubbing the floor to present a million worth project. Work ethics - Be true to yourself and just keep learning."

What is your top design tip?  "Ultimately good design should improve something for the consumer, so I constantly remind myself of the importance of creating an amazing journey for the user. Part of the development work towards the success - A product to give a happy feeling to the people & the environment"


"I believe that art and fashion are one and the same."

"Thank you for reading the extra info about me. I hope I have the opportunity to create the idea for your project in the future. Please check out the details here in Design Services. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to drop me a message - Contact us.  You can also connect me here at Instagram @jenchunguk."