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Specialised in Patterns, Textures, Geometrical Art, Surfaces Layering and Colouration Design.


Pattern Design

An Architectural project example is shown here. Pattern Layering design; Geometrical design calculation; Graphical drawing presentation. Architectural design & build services. 


We provide Pattern Design in graphical presentation, layering calculation, geometrical design calculations for Architects, Interiors, construction, decoration companies. The Pattern Design would be applied to 2D or 3D application. We provide customised design services such as wall facade, gate facade, interior decoration, wall tile, furniture, art installation to complementary with your existing / proposed architectural project. We aim to provide high quality graphical drawings that can work smoothly with your production team, manufacturing progress. We follow your your needs from design creation to a finished product. Our design can work on materials such as steel, wood, stainless stain, glass, plastic, paper, ceramics and fabric. 

We will discuss your needs according to your project's direction. All details drawing output can be used for your client's presentation, also as well as for accurate manufacturing production such as moulding, laser-cut etc. We didn't provide 3D visualisation or animation from our drawings at the moment, but we work with companies whom can produce the extra services as you require.