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"Quality and Attention-to-Detail are core to our brand values."



Quality matters to us. We've devoted a lot of time into ensuring that each aspect of an Arttique product reflects this core principle of our brand. From the quality of the materials, to the experience and values of our suppliers; we've chosen the best possible components to make, what we believe, to be the best possible product. Arttique scarves are all carefully made in Lake Como, in Northern Italy. We chose this region as our manufacturing hub because it is renown worldwide for producing the best quality fashion accessories. Our scarves are expertly digitally printed, quality-controlled and finished with a hand-rolled hem by the finest Italian hemmers. Our partner in Italy, established in 1945, is one of the leading manufacturers of men's and women's fashion accessories.



Perfection is our goal. Impossible to achieve? Probably. But, nonetheless, it's what we and our suppliers aim for. We treat our scarves as quality artwork. From creation, to finessing; our design process is intense yet calming. Our designs never leave our studio until we are totally satisfied with the end product. We work closely with our partners to ensure every line, every dot and every colour tone is as it was designed. Each design takes an average of 2-to-3 months before it even makes it onto a sample; and even then it is printed again and again until the finished article is something we are truly proud of.



Our attention to detail doesn't end with the product. We aim to provide the most luxurious buying experience from packaging, to communications; from our website to how the products are delivered to your home. We care about the entire process. 


We take our brand core value "Quality; Detail and Experience Matters" into the trade services. From 2018, We provide customised print design, manufacture services for the industry. Please check out our Arttique London Services. Arttique London online retail are now closed. All scarves are sold out. Some remaining stocks are stored in house. Any interest for scarves samples or any enquiries. Please contact us. 


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